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The Centre of Clinical Excellence is dedicated to delivering the best possible healthcare options for Veterans and First Responders. The addition of the Sleep and Fatigue Clinic at CCE provides the latest in treatment and technology alongside our expert healthcare team, all in one convenient location. 

Addressing sleep and fatigue issues is not just important  — it's crucial for Veterans and First Responders. These issues can profoundly impact their health, well-being, and ability to perform their duties safely and effectively, underscoring the urgency of seeking treatment. 
Veterans and First Responders often face high-stress environments and demanding work schedules, which can exacerbate sleep disorders like obstructed sleep apnea (OSA), insomnia , and circadian rhythm disorders (CRD) such as Shift Work Disorder. Interruptions in the normal breathing patterns during sleep lead to fragmented sleep and a decreased overall quality of rest. 

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most diagnosed of all sleep disorders. A common condition in which your breathing stops and restarts many times while you sleep. This can prevent your body from getting enough oxygen.

Anyone with OSA experiences a cessation of breathing during sleep lasting upwards of ten seconds. This results in depleted oxygen saturation levels, increased pressure on the cardiovascular system, irritated nose and throat, nighttime arousals, and fragmented sleep. Therefore, treatment is necessary to avoid further health complications that arise from ongoing untreated sleep apnea. 

Sleep disturbances inhibit numerous important body systems, such as your immune system, emotional processing, memory, the digestive system, and the ability to produce the proper amount of testosterone. In addition, sleep apnea is linked to long-term health issues such as heart conditions, hypertensive risk, type 2 diabetes, obesity, certain types of cancers and psychological issues like depression and anxiety.

At the Centre of Clinical Excellence, the Sleep and Fatigue Clinic will prioritize diagnosing and treating sleep disorders among Veterans and First Responders. The goal is to improve their individual health outcomes and enhance public safety and the effectiveness of these critical roles within our communities. Investing in sleep health is an investment in the well-being and performance of those who selflessly serve and protect us. 

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Meet our Expert Team

Steve Archer – ​ Registered Respiratory Therapist, Clinic Lead
Dr. Lindsay Goulet, PH. D . – Director of Education & Fitness Programming
Dr. Venu Karapareddy – MD FRCPC (Psychiatry) MBA (Health Executive)
Cassandra Hildebrand – ​BC, MA (Counselling Psychology), Sleep Coach (CBT-i)
Bryanna Chunyk -​Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Sleep Coach (CBT-i)
Raeann Galuska - ​Naturopathic Doctor, Sleep Coach (CBT-i)