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Health Concierge



Centre of Clinical Excellence, Surrey BC

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Full-Time, hybrid (in-person/remote)


Commensurate with Experience


The Centre of Clinical Excellence – VFRH, was founded to support the mental and physical health and wellness of Canada’s Veterans & first responders. This brand new, first-of-its kind Centre of Clinical Excellence (CCE) is located within the Legion Veterans Village in Surrey, BC. The CCE provides a unique & great opportunity to be part of serving and supporting our first responders, armed forces, Veterans, other public safety personnel, and their families.
The Centre of Clinical Excellence focuses on clinical health care and rehabilitation services, innovative research and health technologies, as well as leading-edge treatment for PTSD and mental health. We are a company that values its people and prioritizes the client experience with an uncompromised focus on clinical quality.
As part of the Centre of Clinical Excellence team you will be surrounded by professionals passionate about breaking down the barriers faced by this population when it comes to receiving the care they need. The Centre of Clinical Excellence strives to provide health care that results in long lasting and meaningful changes in the physical and mental well-being of its patients. 
Some of the services available at the Centre of Clinical Excellence include Primary Care & Lifestyle Medicine, Mental Health specialists & programs, Neuro Rehabilitation, and Dental care. Together all services and practitioners will work collaboratively to provide patients the highest quality of care and connect them with additional resources outside of the Centre as needed. 
So, are you a like-minded, passionate professional who shares our belief in integrated, collaborative health care? 
Let’s make a difference together!    


We are looking for a Health Concierge to join our team. You will work within an interdisciplinary environment which includes a team of Physicians, RNs & NPs, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Clinical Counsellors, Kinesiologists, and Nutritionists/Dietitians.
The Health Concierge is the main point of contact for clients of the Centre of Clinical Excellence – Veterans and First Responders Health. This person is responsible for communication with all prospective and existing clients as well as general population inquiries and connections.
The Health Concierge plays a crucial role in supporting both in-person and virtual clients. As Health Concierge, you will oversee the client journey from beginning to end. You will welcome clients into their programs, monitor their status, and coordinate their graduation. You will act as their point person and guide, supporting the achievement of their health goals. The Health Concierge regularly performs scheduled check-ins to ensure clients are supported and progressing, as well as troubleshoot & problem solve any client-related issues while supporting the practitioner team as needed.
This role is crucial for the success of our care teams and that of our clients. The Health Concierge, by overseeing all clients, ensures that the quality of care we expect is being delivered. The Centre of Clinical Excellence is an interdisciplinary clinic providing high quality care through various service providers, both in-person and virtually. The Health Concierge plays a key role in the coordination and organization of this care.


  • Competitive compensation, commensurate with experience
  •  Brand new, state-of-the-art facility ·
  •  Passionate and highly skilled team of practitioners to collaborate with and learn from  
  • Opportunities to specialize and participate in leading edge treatment technology 
  • An interdisciplinary & supportive environment that values health & wellness 
  •  Holistic care for patients providing and connecting them with the care they need 
  •  Care delivered both in-person, virtually, and hybrid 
  • A rare opportunity to work in a first-of-its kind clinic within Canada, pushing boundaries and aiming to improve healthcare and access for Veterans, first responders, military, public safety personnel and their families


  • Welcome & initial intake appointment with all clients to provide them with essential program information and technology support/guidance 
  • Creation and upkeep of client profiles, data, & documents within our EMR and Health Portal to ensure all information is accurate and relevant 
  • Determine client/patient program eligibility, program stream, & coverage at times with support from the Registered Nurse and/or MOA 
  •  Coordinating care with other team members based on program & client needs/wants 
  •  Schedule and perform regular check-in appointments at set intervals with clients during their time in our programs (a mix of chat message and video appointment check-ins) 
  • Diligently track client’s progress, providing ongoing feedback, encouragement, and advice 
  •  Support clients with using the Health Portal – booking/changing appointments, sending and receiving chat messages, updating personal information, accessing Health Library resources, etc. 
  •  Supporting care team practitioners, which can include rescheduling clients, communicating on behalf of practitioner to client, troubleshooting an issue, etc.
  • Sending updates and/or key information to all clients or subsets of clients 
  • Responding to and following up on prospective clients via email and/or phone 
  • Collecting preliminary information on prospective clients to determine eligibility for programs and taking the steps needed for approval and benefits coverage 
  • Tracking prospective client journey via a CRM 
  • Working collaboratively with the Centre of Clinical Excellence MOAs 
  • Working with Veterans & first responders with chronic and/or acute pain, substance use issues, and/or mental health conditions
  • Work closely with the Centre of Clinical Excellence - VFRH team & other Centre of Clinical Excellence practitioners to meet identified client needs and achieve excellent client outcomes


  • Minimum 3 years' experience in health-related field 
  • Previous experience in administration, project management, client-centred role and/or customer service 
  • Diploma or Degree in Nutrition, Kinesiology or other related health and wellness field from recognized program
  • Patient, autonomous work ethic, with strong problem solving and decision-making skills 
  • A willing & passionate team player who thrives in an interdisciplinary, teamwork setting 
  •  Patient, attentive and resourceful – having a special knack for unlocking people’s personal motivation to take ownership of their health 
  • Open-minded, non-judgmental, and compassionate – you know how hard it is to change health habits, but you never give up on people
  • Exceptionally detail oriented and possessing excellent interpersonal communication skills, and able to always maintain strict confidentiality
  • Highly proficient with technology and able to learn new technology easily 
  • Knowledge of HubSpot or another CRM platform 
  • Comfortable speaking to individuals on the phone, in person, & via video call 
  • Reliable transportation 
  • Reliable internet, access to a private, confidential workspace within the home, & personal computer 
  • Interested in both personal growth & growth of the organization
  • Experience with the following populations considered an asset: Veterans, first responders (RCMP, Police, Army, Firefighters, Nurses, Paramedics, Border Security) 
  • Experience with shift workers, trauma, or mental health considered an asset
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