Brain Fog

Brain Fog Program

The Brain Fog program is an innovative clinical program designed to address the physical, neurological and cognitive impacts of Brain Fog from Long Covid, Concussion or other conditions. This transformative initiative is delivered by a team of multidisciplinary clinical specialists at the Centre for Clinical Excellence for Veterans and First Responders Health. 

For CAF and RCMP Veterans and their families, the program receives full funding through a generous grant from the Legion Veterans Village Research Foundation and the VAC Family and Wellbeing Fund for 100 participants. This financial support ensures that participants can fully benefit from the program's personalized approach, encompassing expertise from a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals specializing in internal medicine, psychiatry, physical medicine and pain management, along with allied health professionals such as physical therapists, clinical counsellors, exercise physiologists and nutritionists. 

First Responders and their family members struggling with Brain Fog are also very welcome to participate and can be fully or partially covered through extended health benefits. 


This multi-disciplinary program begins with a detailed assessment and screening to evaluate the cause and severity of symptoms. Participants are assigned to the most the suitable pathway, categorized as Low, Moderate, or High severity. This initial evaluation is crucial in tailoring the program to meet individual needs effectively.

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